Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Konad Storage

So I'm sure all you polish lovers out there own plenty of Konad/fauxnad image plates and we all have our various ways of storing them. Here's one possible way you can keep your Konad stuff organized and still have the convenience of viewing a bunch of plates at a time and pick one of your choosing.

What in the world is this?? 

Due to my OCD tendencies, I put together a folder and reinforced it with a 
little cardboard for sturdiness and some scrapbook paper for prettiness =)
You can click to enlarge the photos and see how I put it together.There are 
quite a few plates I haven't used yet as you can tell with all the blue stickers hehe

You can get an idea of how thick and sturdy the actual folder is here.

I used one of those flimsy little book report folders that usually sells for 10 cents at any stationary store and just glued cardboard and decorated it with scrapbook paper and a few cut out lettering from magazines. I just attached 3 baseball card storage sleeves and slipped them into the rings like a 3-ring binder. Of course it's much less bulky using this folder but you still have a great way of storing your plates without having them scratch against each other or take up unnecessary room in a CD case. The best part is that you can add (or take away) more sleeves at your choosing - totally customizable, definitely up my alley. For reference, I own the second Bundle Monster pack, the Mash image plates, and about 6 or so GCOCL plates. Sooo... 3 storage sleeves can hold a lot! And since the folder is super flat, it can go great anywhere - even under your bed to hide your polish obsession from those who may think you're a little crazy. =P


Lena said...

That is GREAT! I only have a few plates right now, but this definitely is what I'll be doing whenever I get around to ordering the 25 Bundle Monster plates from Amazon. :)

(Lena56 on MUA)

Jello Kitty said...

Lena - I'm so glad I could be of help! You're gonna have a lot of fun with stamping =P

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