Monday, February 20, 2012

Pink Funky French

Today's extended lazy weekend post - OPI DS Opulence and OPI We'll Always Have Paris Seude.

Thanks for reading *cough*looking*cough and Happy President's Day! =D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Hello Kitty Valentine's Day

Why hello all you beauties out there. Did you all have a lovely Valentine's Day? I sure hope so! Today's polish is kinda special. This mani actually features the first salon-esque polish I ever bought before I became seriously addicted in love (oh, how apropo!) with nail polish =). I walked into my local Ulta searching for a nice red to go with a black cocktail dress I had in mind for a special event. The color I ended up with was China Glaze High Roller - a true red creme that leaned ever-so-slightly towards the jellyish side. This was my first ever China Glaze peeps!!! And then you could probably guess what happened soon after that *shifty eyes towards polish stash*...

Anyway! If you're wondering why my accent nail looks so familiar, it's because it's also featured in my profile picture! This was the first type of nail art I ever did and I thought it was only fitting to dedicate this mani to my first loves. So naturally this had to include Hello Kitty ^_^. Without further ado, here is my Valentine's Day mani...

 I used the LA Colors Art Deco striping polishes to freehand the Hello Kitty onto my accent nail and finished it off with a simple french using China Glaze's Ring in the Red from the most recent 2011 Winter Holiday collection.  Hope you guys like it and hope you all got to celebrate with your sweethearts! Thanks for reading guys! XOXO

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Sinfully Green Glitter Gradient

Hi again! For all you lovers of green, I have something that I think you'll like. Today we have a sinful mani -- as in a mani using Sinful Colors brand nail polish! My base color was San Francisco and my glitter gradient was done using Nail Junkie. San Francisco was pretty sheer so it took about 4 coats for proper color build up. It's an extremely pretty and rich shimmery green though! Check it out y'all! Click to enlarge zee details =)

So greeeeeeen!

Top Pic: indoors, Bottom pic: outside with flash

Goodness, it was so hard to capture this mani on camera!  I discovered that after taking a bunch of pics outside, my bathroom lighting was what showed off the colors the best lol. Who knew, ehh? And of course I could not feature this mani without telling you guys that this week at Walgreens, all Sinful Colors Nail Polishes are only $0.99! Go out and stock up people! Here's to a good beginning of the week everyone! Till next time...

Friday, February 10, 2012

NerdLacquer Outed By a Probot

Hello hello! Some of you may have heard of the brand NerdLacquer, some of you may have not. Either way, I know everyone reading this out there can appreciate a beautiful polish when we see one right? Well, today I have one of Amanda's very special creations to proudly display. This one is called Outed by a Probot and I love it =). One of the prettiest baby blue milky jellies I own...

So soft, so delicate, so freaking COOOOOL! This was 3 coats and it applied very smoothly even with all the glitter. Amanda has (more than) a handful of other polish creations that you can check out at her Etsy shop. Not only is she creative, she is the sweetest person EVER. Quality polishes and fantastic service, what's not to love?! It's really hard not to get them all!  In addition to the awesome colors, they come with the most awesome names! Oh yes, this is right up my alley -- nerds for life!!! Happy Friday everyone ^_^

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zoya Pippa

Hello lovelies! Today I'm gonna try something a little different. It's been so gloomy and rainy lately that there hasn't really been a good opportunity to take some nice and sunny outdoor pictures. I should invest in a lightbox of some sorts hrmm... but for now, enjoy these pics!

Ohh what?? Only two pics? Yes... two pics. Two humongo pics! Apologies for the dry cutes my dears, I shall moisturize this instant! (Speaking of which, as a friendly reminder: Have you moisturized today? ^_^) So what do you think of the inside lighting -- yay/nay? Mr. Sun, where are you?! Hahaha, as always, thanks for reading and Happy Tuesday, folks =)