Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dusty Finds

I have always been a little freaked out about going dusty hunting. I've done it in two different states already with no success! That is, until now...

Recently, I found 2 Absolutely Alices, 2 Mad as a Hatters, 
a Simmer and Shimmer, a Show it and Glow it, and a DS Signature.

I was so shocked that I found such gems that it's made me want to go out and give it several more tries =D. It was a little scary and even somewhat discouraging at first I'll admit but once you find that first ever dusty polish, you'll definitely know it was totally worth the weird stares and awkward lurking you were doing in the nail polish section lol.


rebecca said...

oh gosh! 2 MAAH! are you going to sell it? would you like to donate it to my 1000 followers giveaway? LOL

Jello Kitty said...

Rebecca! I've been trying SOOOO hard to get a hold of some HTF polishes so I'm gonna *try* to swap it for some lemmings. Hopefully luck will be on my side! And you are at 1000 followers?! Congrats!

rebecca said...

are you looking for any of the other burlesque glitters? i have access to all of them and would swap! hehe.
let me know what else you're looking for! i can also get most of the OPI suedes!
and thank you :)

Jello Kitty said...

Lol Rebecca... actually one of my biggest lemmings EVER is DS Glamour. I would swap for that in a heart beat!!!!

rebecca said...

ah sadly i can't get you that :( haha

Nailderella said...

LUCKY you!! I want Mad as a Hatter!

your blog is really pretty and nice! I'm following you!

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