Monday, March 11, 2013

Neutral Floral Stamping

Hello ladies! It's been such a long time since I've done any stamping so I decided to revisit one of my favorite designs for today's mani. My base color was OPI Samoan Sand -- an awesome nude jelly very close to my skin tone. The stamping was done using Sally Hansen White On with Bundle Monster plate BM-221.

Not much else to report today other than it is absolutely beautiful outside! Go and enjoy the weather everyone. Hope you all have a fabulous Monday and thanks for reading! <3

Monday, March 4, 2013

China Glaze Reggae to Riches

What what?? Out of the blue post? Yes! Out of the blue post indeed! I initially titled this post Revlon Reggae to Riches as my love for alliteration almost got the best of me :P. This is actually a China Glaze polish called Reggae to Riches which was released long before my polish loving time. I first saw it on Scrangie's blog and immediately fell in love! I bought it quite some time ago but OF COURSE I didn't break it out till now. Le duh, you guys should expect no less from me :P ... Anyway, RtR is a beautiful fuchsia (read: NOT fuschia --> fun fact... I just say "f@#&, see yah" in my head to spell it correctly...yeah, cool story bro) with a sometimes subtle, sometimes vibrant electric blue shimmer. Here are the pics! First off, some with flash:

 And because I'm a picture h00r, moar pics! No flash to catch the blue shimmer:

@_@ Ermahgerd y'all... it's sooo puuurdy! *fans self* I noticed that my swatches are a lot darker than most I've seen online. This is most likely due to my penchant for thick (and I mean thick) polish coats. I like 'em thick, okay?! Don't judge me! I must sound a little cray right now. Maybe it's the excitement of coming back from hiatus to write a new blog post?? Whatever it may be, thanks for reading... I know I've been so bad with updating but you guys still show love! Weee! Happy Monday and I hope everyone has a great start to the new week! :D