Sunday, July 31, 2011

Essie Master Plan

Hi lovelies, today I have a really pretty yet muted look for you all.  I know I've had some past manis that have been quite bright and vibrant but since I work in relatively professional environment, I can't really pull those off for every day wear. This is a great work or interview color that won't be distracting but is still really cute. This color is called Master Plan by Essie. It's an understated taupe creme that applies well in two coats but I did three because... well, I always love to do three! Topped with Seche Vite like always. Please excuse the chip on my index.  I actually splattered another polish onto my existing mani and wiped it off without realizing it took off the original color as well! Oops. Otherwise, this is the third day of wear without any noticeable chipping... that's pretty good for me. Love it!




Left: indoors, Middle: shade, Right: sunlight

It's really pretty guys. If you like colors in this family, you should definitely pick it up.  As a reference, when compared to Chinchilly (a pretty popular Essie color), it is several shades lighter. Essie's were originally found in most Ultas and several high end salons but ever since L'Oreal bought the company, they can now be found in a lot of drugstores. I've seen them at Target and Walgreens on multiple occasions so it is pretty accessible to the masses.  You won't regret picking this color up =).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics and comparing it to Chinchilly. It helped a lot!

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