Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lesbihonest, I Want You to Look at My Glittoris

Bahahaha, why yes, I am a 12 year old child. But then again... this is more along the subject of adult content so by default, that would technically make me an adult =D. I will keep telling myself that. Two manis for Pink Wednesday people!

Pahlish Glittoris - The name was proposed by Shannon's husband
This is pure gold. Gold, I tell you! Visit Shannon's Etsy shop here

A sexy matte "feuhschcia" as ManGlaze calls it
LOL, they are brilliant!

I love them both! Glittoris is a pink based polish with a crazy amount of holographic, red, and fuchsia colored glitter of various shapes and sizes. This includes both square and bar glitters! Not for the faint of heart but c'mon, with a name like Glittoris, what do you expect?? Lesbihonest is a gorgeous matte fuchsia polish that's umm... freaking gorgeous? I don't really know how else to describe it. I think the pictures have already taken care of that for me =P. And can I just say... I absolutely *love* the ManGlaze bottles! Their labels are pretty dang creative too. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff though =P. Anyway, enough of my babbling! Thanks for reading guys and Happy Hump Day ;).

Friday, May 25, 2012

Purple Jelly Flakie Gradient

*peeks in* OHAI GUISE. It's been a million and one years since I've written a new post! How have you all been?? Welcome new followers, I'm so happy to see all your beautiful faces =D. Finally back home and settled in from vacay. It's about freaking time! Apologies for the delay as my nails were seriously janky from all the luggage hauling and traveling. They needed a bit of rest and relaxation time too =P. Anyway, how about we get right back into it yeah?

As you can imagine, coming back from that long of a trip, my nail mail was pretty much piling up towards the ceiling. One of my newest babies included Verity Deep Violet which was used as a base here. Three coats of squishy purple jelly perfection. Omnomnom, she's gorgeous!!! I then did a gradient on my tips with Essie Shine of the Times. As always, tons of pics ahead...

There are several variations of the red-orange-green flakies but I found Shine of the Times to be perfect for building up a gradient because of how dense the flakies are. There was a bit of thickness on the tips due to all that polish layering but some Gelous and Seche Vite usually seems to take care of that problem. This look kinda reminds me of fire-y embers... a lit-from-within type of glow... you know what I'm talking about? No? Okay. No worries. Just nod and stare at teh prettiez with me =).

In other news, all that nail mail got me so excited that I somehow managed to stab myself in the left thumb with a gigantic pair of scissors . All I can say is, imma lucky mofo that it didn't hit any of my picture taking fingers =P. Alright you guys, hope this was good to come back to after my mini break from blogging. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Color Club Get Your Lem-On

The days are long, the weather is warm, and the sun is shining... yeeeaaah, sounds like we're heading into Summer alright. What could be more apropos than a neon polish? Nothing. Yep. Nothing. That's right, I said it! P.S. I took down even moar nail length. They were growing like weeds! (WTF?!)

A retina-searing highlighter yellow with electric blue microshimmer. What more could you ask for from a neon polish? Not much, I'd say. One downside, however, was that it was scented -- smelled something like a mixture of cough medicine and radioactive lemon juice. C'mon, humor me guys. Puke city! Funny how we're like la-di-da with acetone and polish fumes but scented polish? *clutches pearls* Oh heavens no! The horror! As with all neons, this was impossibly difficult to capture on camera. Whatevs! You'll have to take my word for it. It's freaking awesome and just screams Summer =D. This was two coats of Color Club Get Your Lem-On on top of one thick coat of Sally Hansen White-On (hmm, that's a lot of on's if I do say so myself). Remember to layer your neons over white to get that perfect pop of color -- my PSA for the day. I'm about to head on a road trip tomorrow. Starting from Denver and making big stops in Las Vegas and Los Angeles with a bunch of pit stops in between I'm sure! Let's see how much polish I end up with when I'm finally back home in California =D. I am le excited. Happy Tuesday to you guys and happy travels to meeeeee! Yay!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Posh Polish's 300 Follower Giveaway

******* This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering! *******

Hey... it's finally Friday! I've got goodies for you guys! As promised, here is my next giveaway for all you fabulous, wonderful, sweet, and awesome followers! Thanks for all your support! I appreciate it so much! Too many exclamation marks! Without further ado, the polishes I'll be giving away are...

The first two polishes have been featured on my blog before! Here are some pics to remind you guys.

 First polish is this franken (see more in this post)

The next is a Spectraflair top coat (see more in this post)
Top pic is one coat, bottom pic is two coats

And finally, the last three are color shifting top coats! You can see more in this post by More Nail Polish (I actually bought them from her before it all sold out!). She has some great videos showing off the color changes. There is a copper red-to-green, a green-to-violet blue, and a gold-to-green. These color shifting frankens are really awesome, trust me! All of these polishes were mixed by me with suspension base so you won't have to worry about glitter/pigment sinkage. =)

I hope you guys like the prizes! I am making this open until Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 till 11:59PST. I'll randomly choose a winner on June 20th (the first day of Summer, yay!) who will have 24 hours to respond. If I don't get a response, I'll choose a new winner. And yes, this giveaway is open internationally =D. Have a great weekend everyone and good luck!

******* This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering! *******

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blog Sale 2.0

Afternoon everyone. I updated my blog sale with new items and reduced prices. Yay! Click here or the "Blog Sale" tab up top for the deets. Happy shopping! =D

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Summer Gradient

I know this isn't the weekend but I am going to make this a lazy post because 1. I can (bahahaha) and 2. I spent quite a bit of time writing another post. The contents of which are detailed here and also in the new "Nail Care" tab up top. I've gotten lots of questions regarding nail care and figured it was time to write a little something something about it. I hope it helps you girls! But I digress, continuing on with this post...

This was three coats of Essie A Crewed Interest for the base and a gold gradient using Color Club Enchanted Holiday (a mini). This made me look really tan. I love it. Summer time, here I come!