Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wow, I am so shocked! It was just yesterday that I was still barely at 90 followers and with a blink of an eye I am now over 100 followers! I can't believe it... when I started this blog, I never imagined I would get even 10 followers =P. Now three months in, I already have some absolutely wonderful gals (& guys) following this here little ol' blog o' mine. I'd just like to take this moment to say...

Seriously, thank you all! I appreciate every single one of you out there who read, comment, and compliment all the hard work I've put into this blog. I am so very grateful =). Thanks to the wonderful online nail polish community, I've been able to get to know some AWESOME people from all over the world! It's unlike any other experience I've had =D.  Like I mentioned previously, this has been a busy week for me but just hold tight because I will try to think of some goodies to add to a giveaway in the very near future. Thanks again guys!! <3

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hard Candy Beetle

Hi guys! I have been sooooo incredibly busy this week it's not even funny. Even busier than my busiest times in the past... Eek! However, I really wanted to write a post today since I didn't want to leave you all hanging. It's a little funny because I remember that before I went on my Hawaiian vacation, I left you all with a teaser post. I did make a post about my franken but totally forgot about the other featured polish hahah. =P I hope you guys will forgive me as I will be posting about that very polish today! It's Hard Candy Beetle - a beautiful multichrome polish that has a green/blue base with maroon and gold shimmer. It flashes all kinds of crazy colors which include maroon, green, yellow, and orange... pretty sure there's a bunch more that I'm missing. So I'm going to do something a little different today and post some pictures that were actually taken in the shade as opposed to my always bright and sunny photos. The mutichromatic effect was so intense in the shade. Behold, the pictures below!

Isn't this polish just all kinds of amazing???

There were flashes of so many colors, it was hard to capture them all!

Such a beauty, no? =)

Some awesome bottle shots to show you how cool this polish really is

So yes, I did go a little picture crazy but how could you not with this fabulous polish right?? It's truly an amazing polish and I apologize for not featuring it sooner hehe =P.  My followers have slowly been growing and it's almost up to 100! I'm so excited. I think I will add this polish to a future giveaway. We shall see! Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful week! ^_^

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gold and Purple Gradient Stripes

I'm on a stripes kick, what can I say? Today's lazy weekend post consists of 4 polishes. China Glaze Pelican Gray for my base color, OPI Simply Smashing!, OPI Grape... Set... Match, and China Glaze C-C-Courage for my gradient stripes. Those names... lol...

One of my really close girlfriends had a huge birthday celebration this weekend and I am pooped! So tired... must rest up before the new week starts up again. Thanks for reading all you lovelies <3

Friday, August 26, 2011

Diagonal Stripes: OPI Ogre the Top Blue + Sally Hansen White On

Hi people! So I decided to experiment a little bit more with a striped scotch tape mani today. The colors I used for my main nails was OPI Ogre the Top Blue from the Shrek Collection and my accent nail had a base of Sally Hansen White On. Instead of straight vertical stripes, I did a diagonal pattern just to see how it would turn out. I didn't want to do too much so I only did an accent nail for experimentation purposes. =P

It almost reminds me of a sailor pattern. 
 This gives me future mani ideas hahah...

Left: indoors, Middle: shade, Right: sunlight

Ogre the Top Blue is actually a pretty bright blue creme that was opaque in one solid coat - I did 2 though hahah. I would say it leans towards a turquoise. Really pretty and perfect for bright sunny weather. The stripes I did were actually pretty easy to do. The only trick was to get them spaced properly and also because my nails do have a pretty high C curve, I had to make sure the tape pieces were lying flat. Overall though, good stuff! Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all have a great weekend to look forward to!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4 Special Polishes From Canada

From the title you can already tell that what I have for you today will be quite unique. I guess I'm glad that I do all those lazy weekend posts because they seem to be offset by huge posts like the one I'm about to do today. Well actually, this post is primarily gonna be pictures. You see, I loooove looking at pictures! Sometimes when I read blogs, I don't even read them. Yep. Guilty. I just scroll through and admire the pictures. That's why I always like putting in a healthy dose of pictures for you guys! Half of you are probably skipping over these very words... hahah!

So what I have to share with all you lovelies is a special package I received from a wonderful Canadian blogger. You totally need to check out her blog - nailXchange - it's filled with all kinds of goodies any lacquer lover would appreciate. I surprisingly won her last 'Name It & Win It' contest and ended up with some ridiculously amazing polishes. Polishes that were actually frankens - original creations by the amazing beauty herself!  *sigh* How did I get so lucky?? Also, because I thought there was no way in HECK I would ever win said prize, I went pretty out there with the names. You'll see what I mean... and no, I was not under the influence of anything when I was thinking of them... teeheehee.

From L to R: Purple Haze, Don't Drink the Koolaid, Black Market, 
and Acid Trippin'. LOL, yes you did read that correctly. 

Acid Trippin' - A stunning "subtle" fusion of a scattered/
linear purple holo. Ain't she a purdy thang??

Don't Drink the Koolaid - A magenta flakie + microshimmer 
I think this polish conveniently fills the Pink Wednesday quota for the week =)

Purple Haze - An almost jelly-like flakie + microshimmer

Black Market - A black jelly flakie. I think this one is my favorite!

There you have it! Four amazingly beautiful and unique polishes by the one and only nailXchange. If you like these polishes, go on over and check out her blog for more eye candy! I believe she is actually currently hosting a giveaway right now and will also be giving away Black Market as featured above in a (very near) future contest! So fabulous... just fabulous I tell you!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nfu Oh 62

Hello my lovelies! Today's post goes without saying much. It's a holo polish and it's from Nfu Oh. They really know how to do their holos, that's for sure. This is #62 from their holographic line. It's supposed to be an orange shade but my camera seriously freaked out! It was so hard to capture the awesomeness of this polish but the following pictures will just have to do.

It was even holo indoors! Have you heard of such a thing??

Yeaaaaah, my camera seriously spazzed out at trying to 
capture the crazyness that is this polish...

This little guy really knows how to pack a punch!

Goodness gracious! So beautiful but my pictures definitely don't do this polish any justice. Nfu Oh can be found online at several websites and I'm pretty sure they ship worldwide. All you have to do is google Nfu Oh and you'll find some pretty good information. Till next time folks!