Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Back! + Some Hawaii Spam

Hawaii Spam - get it?? =D Hi guys! I'm finally back from my short little Hawaiian vacay! I went to Honolulu which is located on the island of Oahu. And yes, I *did* buy nail polish while I was there. What would you expect, right?? =) So anyway, these are just a few pictures I took with my camera phone along the way. If you're familiar with Hawaii at all, you'll know that there's an ABC Store (or 2, no scratch that, or 4) on every block! You literally cannot walk 10 steps without seeing an ABC Store - redundant? Maybe. But every store is a little unique in that each carry something a little different. There were polishes I found at some stores that weren't available in others. Anyway, onto the pictures!  *Warning: a bajillion pictures ahead...

Island Girl is a popular nail polish brand you can only get 
at ABC Stores. You bet I made sure to buy some =D

Some press on Hello Kitty nails I found. I wouldn't wear them 
personally but these are gonna be great ideas for future manis!
Hello Kitty nail files. Adorable... I don't think I could get
myself to use them. They're too pretty to roughen up!

Dolphins + Whales + Chocolate + Macadamia Nuts + Holo = HEAVEN!

Tan Hello Kitty in a bikini. How could I NOT post this up?!

Well, that's all for now since I'm pretty sunburnt and dead tired from just barely coming back from my flight. I will post all my goodies very soon.  I miss Hawaii already but I'm so glad to be back and excited to post about nail polish again!


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