Monday, August 15, 2011

Newspaper Nails: OPI Steady As She Rose

Hi everyone! It seems like every weekend has been so busy for me... no time to blog! But I digress... Today's mani is my attempt at the ever-so-popular newspaper nails that some of you may have seen floating around the interwebZ. Lol. So instead of a plain ol' gray, my base color was OPI Steady As She Rose from the recent Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.

This mani brought to you by Monday's Newspaper =P

Your eyes are not deceiving you, the text IS backwards, lol!

Yay for bottle shots! Steady As She Rose is an almost
gray colored dusty pink creme. Great color for the office!

For the most part, I really liked doing this mani - but it was kind of a pain in the bum! I know there are several methods of doing these newspaper nails and I didn't have luck with the "brushing the rubbing alcohol on" method so I just did the "dip your nail in rubbing alcohol and press" method. If I were to attempt this mani again in the future, I'd probably press a littler harder/longer so that the text would show up a bit more. And yes, the text is backwards because the newspaper had to go over of the nail, hence transferring any text over to be a mirror image of what was actually printed. No one is gonna notice that though, trust me! Overall, good times. Happy Monday everyone!


Sophia said...

I had really good luck with the newspaper nails, but I dipped the piece of newspaper in the rubbing alcohol, and once it was saturated I pressed it to my nail. I kept it pressed down for about 15 seconds and then pealed it away. The print transferred really well!

Jello Kitty said...

@Sophia - Thanks for that info! Yeah, I was trying over and over with all the methods and after a while I was just like "yeah, this'll do" lol. I'll try it your way in the future! =)

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