Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4 Special Polishes From Canada

From the title you can already tell that what I have for you today will be quite unique. I guess I'm glad that I do all those lazy weekend posts because they seem to be offset by huge posts like the one I'm about to do today. Well actually, this post is primarily gonna be pictures. You see, I loooove looking at pictures! Sometimes when I read blogs, I don't even read them. Yep. Guilty. I just scroll through and admire the pictures. That's why I always like putting in a healthy dose of pictures for you guys! Half of you are probably skipping over these very words... hahah!

So what I have to share with all you lovelies is a special package I received from a wonderful Canadian blogger. You totally need to check out her blog - nailXchange - it's filled with all kinds of goodies any lacquer lover would appreciate. I surprisingly won her last 'Name It & Win It' contest and ended up with some ridiculously amazing polishes. Polishes that were actually frankens - original creations by the amazing beauty herself!  *sigh* How did I get so lucky?? Also, because I thought there was no way in HECK I would ever win said prize, I went pretty out there with the names. You'll see what I mean... and no, I was not under the influence of anything when I was thinking of them... teeheehee.

From L to R: Purple Haze, Don't Drink the Koolaid, Black Market, 
and Acid Trippin'. LOL, yes you did read that correctly. 

Acid Trippin' - A stunning "subtle" fusion of a scattered/
linear purple holo. Ain't she a purdy thang??

Don't Drink the Koolaid - A magenta flakie + microshimmer 
I think this polish conveniently fills the Pink Wednesday quota for the week =)

Purple Haze - An almost jelly-like flakie + microshimmer

Black Market - A black jelly flakie. I think this one is my favorite!

There you have it! Four amazingly beautiful and unique polishes by the one and only nailXchange. If you like these polishes, go on over and check out her blog for more eye candy! I believe she is actually currently hosting a giveaway right now and will also be giving away Black Market as featured above in a (very near) future contest! So fabulous... just fabulous I tell you!


StardustStephanie said...

These are great polishes! I love them all!

Jello Kitty said...

@StardustStephanie - I know, right?? These are so awesome, can't believe they're frankens =D

Beanie said...

i loooove black market! congrats on winning!

Jello Kitty said...

@Beanie - Thanks! =D Black Market will be up for grabs soon! Just make sure to check when she's doing her next giveaway =)

JoAnne said...

i could cry over black market! that is AMAZING!!!

Nadia said...

See...I didnt skiped the text, but I'm guilty too because I usually skip and go first at the pics.
When I saw the name of the polishes at flicker I though: hmmm "Don't Drink the Koolaid" never heard, now I know why I didnt know, they are unique.
And Black Market is awsome.
Gratz on the prize!

Jello Kitty said...

@JoAnne - Seriously, right?? I've gotten so many compliments on it already =)

@Nadia - Lol! I go straight to the pictures first too hahahah... and yes, unique polishes indeedy! =P Thank you my dear.

nailXchange said...

I'm so stoked you were the winner and got these, your nails make them look great!

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