Friday, August 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Gray by Gray

As some of you may know, Sally Hansen has a line called "Complete Salon Makeover" notoriously known for its humongous wide set brushes. While it may seem like a convenience, it can cause problems for those who have smaller nail beds. Especially when polishing corners while trying to avoid cuticle flooding. So, you might wanna proceed with caution during application. As for the polish itself, this is a beautiful dark teal/navy/gray/blue (?? ... so hard to pinpoint the exact color) creme that is completely opaque in one coat. I did two coats just for good measure. This time around, I applied Sally Hansen Quick Dry Top Coat (in the red bottle) to see if I would prefer it over Seche Vite but honestly, it's a no go for me. It didn't give it quite a glossy finish nor did it dry anywhere near as quick as SV. Also, I found that even after my polish was dry, I still had little nicks and visible "scratches" on my nails. I'm reverting back to my old love SV until I find a better replacement... and I don't think that'll be any time soon...




Can you see the streakyness in the bottle? I tried mixing this 
up quite a bit but the streaks still remained. This may show up 
on your nails. Not a big deal to me but may be for some...

Left: indoors, Middle: shade, Right: sunlight

There you have it, lovelies. I am up waaaaay too late for a "Thursday" night but I felt the need to fulfill my blogger duties.  Time to head off to bed now. Gnite everyone!


Garland said...

That color is very pretty on your nails. :)

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