Tuesday, August 16, 2011

China Glaze First Mate + NYX Girls Gilded Glitter

I think I've been on a huge blue kick lately because I always seem to reach for blues when I'm browsing through my stash. Although my overabundance of greens and purples is really calling to me. That needs to be rectified soon. Hrmm... expect more greens and purples in the future... hopefully? >_<  Hahaha, anyway... today's mani is pretty straight forward. This is two coats of China Glaze First Mate from the Anchors Away Collection. It was pretty opaque and probably could've done with one good coat but I did two slightly thin coats because let's face it - even if something IS a one-coater, I'm gonna do at least two or more. I then blinged it up with some NYX Girls Gilded Glitter. I dunno how to describe this polish... I would call it a flakie but it doesn't quite carry all the characteristics of one. Maybe a hybrid between an irregular shaped glitter + a flakie? Total mutt status heh heh heh... I love mutts of all kinds!

 Oooohh... Aaahh....

So sparkly, no?

And of course your standard bottle shots

I think I've really fallen in love with these dark blue cremes. I have a good handful and I just keep accumulating more. Hrmm, maybe they just somehow multiply on their own. I dunno how they keep building up, honestly I don't... *shifty eyes* As far as the Gilded Glitter goes, I don't believe I have anything in my stash like it so needless to say, I was uber happy to find it at my local mall. It does come in a smaller than standard size - 0.35 fl oz to be exact... I may have to pick up another one since they barely even reached the $2 mark. Eek! My collection is getting out of control! Not that I mind....


Nadia said...

I dont think is flakie but its not glitter either, maybe is a "flitter" or a "glikie"? LOL
This cobination is really nice.

Jello Kitty said...

@Nadia - Lol... flitter or glakie might be the right word hahaha... Thank you my dear <3

Let's Get Nailed said...

This is a beautiful combo. I like glikie....very cute!

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