Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Zoya Areej + Wet n Wild Hannah Pinktana

Aside from the atrocious name that is Hannah Pinktana, I quite like today's Pink Wednesday mani. It's a straight forward one today, folks. A nice thick single coat of Zoya Areej, a fuschia creme which leans more pink/red than purple, and two thick coats of Wet n Wild Hannah Pinktana.

Taken in the sun with flash

 Bottom two pics were taken directly in the sun with no flash.
It seems to lean more towards a purple hue when there's no flash.

Hannah Pinktana looks actually pretty purple when compared
to Zoya Areej... Areej was a nice base color for it though.

Without a base coat of Areej, it probably would've taken near 4 coats or more of Hannah Pinktana only because the glitter is so sheer.  Hannah Pinktana is still a beautiful color on its own though, I just didn't feel like applying it by itself. The pretty mini holographic sparkles give a nice touch to this otherwise toned down pink. Happy Wednesday people!


Nadia said...

Areej alone is not my color BUT... with Hannah look really nice, because usually I'm not a pink fan. I can see colors going to "wish lish". LOL

Jello Kitty said...

@Nadia - Noted! Lol, it shall be added to your "wish list" when you say the final word hehehe =P

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