Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First Konad Design

My Konad packages finally arrived! I decided to try out my first design and of course it had to be the leopard print! I opted not to get the Konad special polishes so I could first experiment with some regular polishes I already own but now I think I will invest in some... the black isn't as dark as I'd hoped. Anyways, onto the pictures.

 In the shade. I used China Glaze's Lemon Fizz & 
For Audrey along with a Cosmetic Arts pink color.

 In the sun. I had a hard time working fast enough! 
Anyways, this will probably come off by the end of
tonight haha. I will probably be ordering the Konad 
special polishes soon so I could try out all the other 
designs without having the lack in color pay off.

 Just as I was about done with my nails, something TERRIBLE happened... Oh, the horror!!!

My pink Cosmetic Arts polish came crashing down and
the top completely broke off spilling polish everywhere! 
My life literally flashed before my eyes. A single tear 
came rolling down my cheek.

This was so traumatic, I cringe as I'm typing this right now! I need to find some empty polish bottles but I honestly don't know where to look other than online. I guess I should go out to get some super cheapie ones so I can just dump out the polish in there and replace it with this one. But dumping out polish just sounds like it'll only add to the horrible-ness of the situation! Ahh well, c'est la vie.  At least it wasn't any of my China Glaze, OPI, or God forbid my Nfu Oh bottles. I am guarding those with my life! Okay, onward to fix this situation STAT!


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