Friday, June 10, 2011

Cherry Poppin'

My first post. Didn't think I was going to get sucked into the nail polish craze but after several weeks of denial I've come to terms with my new addiction -- just another to add to my long list of obsessions. *le sigh* C'est la vie.

What's a post without pictures, amirite?? Over the last several weeks I started randomly trying out polishes and took some pictures along the way. Taken with my camera phone. Don't hate. Here they are -- please excuse this polish newbie's amateur attempts at painting nails -- growth is good, yeah?!? Pitty points, anyone?

*Claire's - Mood Color Changing Polish in Peaceful/Confident*
Peaceful (darker blue) shown here. 
This is the one that started it all. Given to me by one of my GFs.
I'd wring her neck if I wasn't so happy she gave this to me.

*Wet n Wild -  Heavenly*
This one makes me shudder. Ewww -- I did a terrible job 
at applying this. Took this off probably within 15 minutes.

*Claire's - Mood Color Changing Polish in Happy/Earthy*
I dipped my nails in warm water just to get the effect. 
Pretty cool, I think. And then things just sort of took off from here...

*China Glaze - Pelican Gray, Cosmetic Arts - green/blueish, Cosmetic Arts - purpleish*
My first attempt at creating some type of nail art. It was alright I guess.
Took forever though. This was before I discovered all the secrets 
and tricks to having your nail polish dry faster. Sheesh!

 *China Glaze - Strawberry Fields*
Here's where I started getting a little better at painting my nails.
I also began to invest in a few more polishes. My stash 
has grown ever-so-somewhat-slowly since...

My attempt at a Hello Kitty design using Art Deco Polishes. 
love love LOVE Hello Kitty with a FIERCE passion.

*FingerPaints - Natural Talent*
What I'm currently wearing.  A little more appropriate 
for work, I think. This was 5 coats! I was a little hesitant
when I first saw the color but it turned out nicely. I dunno 
if I have the patience to wear it again anytime soon.

I am very tempted to go to my nearest beauty supply store tomorrow and pick up a buttload of new polishes. I recently made a 20+ polish purchase so I don't think my wallet is too happy with me right now. We shall see...


The Daily Crumpet said...

i've just read every post after LET THEM HAVE POLISH recommended you, and look forward to reading every post you do. GREAT photos, seriously great photos. Love it! xx

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