Friday, June 24, 2011

Floral Mauve Design

So I gave the Konad/fauxnad plates another try and while it didn't turn out perfect, I must say I am quite pleased!  I was contemplating what color combination I should use and finally decided on some type of pink/mauve/pastel burgundy mix. I used Uptown Girl. a dusty mauve from Color Club's Spring 2010 Rebel Debutante Collection as a base. For stamping, I used Admire, a light pink silver-ish color from China Glaze's Spring 2009 Romantique Collection.  I also used image plate BM 221.

These were all taken in direct sunlight.

These were taken in the shade.

I didn't think I'd like Uptown Girl at first because looking at the color itself in the bottle seems kinda flat to me. But when I painted it on the nail, it just looked gorgeous! I would totally wear it alone. I bought Admire and almost all the other China Glaze polishes from the Romantique Collection specifically for stamping because I heard they are a little streaky on their own. Either way, the color is fabulous and the designs came out (for the most part) great! I love this =)  

*Sigh* So pretty!

It is has been absolutely beautiful outside lately. Go enjoy the weather everyone and Happy Friday! <3


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