Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Essie Haul

So I've pretty much been on the hunt for a billion and one nail polishes to add to my growing collection. And believe me -- it's growing! At a really scary pace actually. I'm beginning to freak myself out a little hahah. I try not to look at my bank statements at the end of the month in fear of how much these babies have cost me. But, I digress... Here is my first ever Essie Haul!

These were taken indoors because it's been incredibly gloomy
as of late. Where did the summer sunshine go?!

L-R: Haute as Hello, Van D'Go, Splash of Grenadine, French Affair, Nice is Nice

L-R: Smooth Sailing (one of my lemmings!), Fair Game, Chinchilly 
(another lemming!), Sew Psyched, Mint Candy Apple, Going Incognito

But wait, the best part is... I only paid $3-$3.50 for each one! My hunt for polishes brought me to this random beauty supply that honestly looked a little sketchy before going in. Once inside though, I was in nail polish heaaaven. I can't wait to try these colors out. I've been itching to get my hands on some Essies. Now I have no excuse not to give these wonderful polishes a go! I can't wait for tomorrow's Pink Wednesday mani... I have something in mind that I think might turn out pretty awesome. We'll see though. I have a billion other polishes that I got in a massive haul which I will detail in a future post as well. This just sounds like too many polishes! But wait... too many polishes? NEVER!


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