Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sinful Colors: Glitter Comparison

Hello hello! I recently bought several Sinful Colors glitter polishes since I heard some good things about them. I decided to try and compare the 4 most popular ones to see how they stack up against each other! All the photos show the colors in the following order: Call You Later (yellow-green), Nail Junkie (teal), Hottie (blue), and Frenzy (purple).

Look at these lovelies =)

I first wanted to paint these without a base. This is 2 thick coats each.
Top photo: in the shade, Bottom photo: in direct sunlight.

I then layered the glitters on top of 2 coats of Sally Hansen Black Out.
Top photo: in the shade, Bottom 2 photos: in direct sunlight.
Goodness, look at how they shine and glisten! Ahhh!!

Here are the individual glitters. Click to enlarge.

Without a base color. Top: in the shade, Bottom: direct sunlight

On top of Sally Hansen Black Out. Top: in the shade, Bottom: direct sunlight

Oh goodness, are you in love yet?? Nail Junkie and Hottie both display holographic glitter that Call You Later and Frenzy don't seem to quite have. Well, not quite as pronounced anyway.  They also have several different glitter sizes while the other two seem to have the same size with a variation of different solid glitter colors.  I think my favorite might have to be Hottie, the second color from the right. But in all honesty, I love them all! These were around $2 each from Walgreens but I know you can also order them online from  Either way, you need to get your hands on them! They are nothing short of fabulous =)

What are you waiting for? They are calling your name! ;)


Color Beam said...

awesome !! all of them:-)! When I saw the bottle pictures, i loved thet purple one - I love purples so much... BUT ! what a surprise:-)) on your nails, the blue one looks best to me:-)!

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