Monday, February 13, 2012

A Sinfully Green Glitter Gradient

Hi again! For all you lovers of green, I have something that I think you'll like. Today we have a sinful mani -- as in a mani using Sinful Colors brand nail polish! My base color was San Francisco and my glitter gradient was done using Nail Junkie. San Francisco was pretty sheer so it took about 4 coats for proper color build up. It's an extremely pretty and rich shimmery green though! Check it out y'all! Click to enlarge zee details =)

So greeeeeeen!

Top Pic: indoors, Bottom pic: outside with flash

Goodness, it was so hard to capture this mani on camera!  I discovered that after taking a bunch of pics outside, my bathroom lighting was what showed off the colors the best lol. Who knew, ehh? And of course I could not feature this mani without telling you guys that this week at Walgreens, all Sinful Colors Nail Polishes are only $0.99! Go out and stock up people! Here's to a good beginning of the week everyone! Till next time...


peripatetic33 said...

Love it !!! :)

Jello Kitty said...

@peripatetic33 - Thank you! Lovin' the SN hehehe

Anonymous said...

im not a fan of green but thats not bad :D

Happy Valentine Day! <3

Nadia said...

I got San Francisco mini at Cherryculture and love it.

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