Thursday, April 26, 2012

Candy Lacquer Candies & Sprinkles

Hello all you beautiful people out there. Today's post features two wonderful polishes I've recently acquired. The base coat for this mani was done with one single coat of No More Film from Essie's recent 2012 Resort Collection. How shall I attempt to describe this color? Hmm, it's a gorgeous fusion of deep navy blue and violet, a color very similar to the ever-so-popular OPI Sapphire in the Snow (currently an untried for me).  I layered it with Candy Lacquer (formerly Sweet Fairy Boutique) Candies & Sprinkles -- a fun polish chock-full of multi-colored and multi-shaped glitters. This was all topped with two coats of gelous and a single coat of Seche Vite as per usual.

Check out No More Film on its own below

Indoors with flash

Indoors under desk lamp lighting

No More Film is truly gorgeous in its own right. I wore it solo for a day then decided to throw a bunch of glitter on it. Please excuse the dulling of top coat due to multiple days of wear in my initial pics. I really need to learn to take them when my manis are fresh and sparkly. Next time, folks, next time. Also, I tried to thin out my stash a little more and will probably be adding to my blog sale some time in the near future. Just gotta get all that set up. And no, I did not forget about my giveaway =). I just need to find the time to do all this. Patience little ones. Until then, Happy Thursday and thanks for reading my lovelies <3.


Vanidad said...

Beautiful combo, this glitter is gorgeous.

Kate said...

OMG that is so gorgeous! I love the base colour by itself too. What did you use to get the glitter coat looking so smooth or is that just the way it dries?

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Stunning. Love that glitter :)

Jello Kitty said...

Thanks girlies! =D

@Kate - The two coats of gelous and Seche Vite smoothed out any roughness that was initially caused by the glitter. That's usually my go-to for glitter layerings =)

Nadia said...

Awsome but Candy Lacquer is out of stock atm :S
Did I read "blog sale" (eyes spinning - LOL)
Seche Vite is great I love it.

Nailderella said...

I first thought it looked like Lynnderella Boy Girl Party but not at all. they are very different! It's a really pretty polish and I love the combination you did!

rebecca said...

aaaahhhhh i want this!!!!

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