Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blue Holo Funky French

Well hello my lovelies! How is everyone doing this fine October Sunday? Well, Sunday where I am at least =P.  I hope all is well at your end of the world. I, as you all know, have been quite the busy bee. Anyway, today I am featuring a mani I did some time ago but never officially posted about. It was a mani for Sara's blog that featured two awesomely awesome polishes that are just awesome (is the awesomeness clear yet? =). So here we go... pictures first, info later? Oh hellz yes!

Blue + Holo = match made in polish heaven

Nom nom nom, I love yummy pics =P

Moar pics for good measure! =D Rawr!

So if you all are wondering which polishes I used, the base is obviously one of the ever-so-popular OMG polishes from China Glaze. The color is 2NITE -- a medium blue holo that looked absolutely AMAZING in the sun even all by its lonesome (or shall I say awesome? =D). And the funky french was completed with China Glaze Secret Periwinkle from the Spring 2010 Up and Away Collection. Secret Periwinkle is a beautiful periwinkle as the name states -- but I found that it leaned more towards blue than purple. Hope this helps you periwinkle lovers determine whether is it worthy enough for your collections teeheehee. That is all people! Hope you guys had a great weekend ^_^


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! This is so pretty. I love it.

PolishedToTheNines said...

I love! Did you use tape? I have trouble with the tape picking up my base polish whenever I try a tape mani. I'd love to see a tutorial of this ;-)

Nadia said...

I love China Glaze nail polishes. This tape many is really cool.

Lindsey R said...

That looks so crazy with the holo undeneath! Great job!

Jello Kitty said...

@Jennafroggy - Thank you miss! :)

@PolishToTheNines - Yes Ma'am, I did use tape. I'd put a quick dry top coat onto the base polish to help it dry faster and prevent lifting from tape. Even better if you can wait the next day to do your tape accents! Hope that helps ^_^

@Nadia - Thank you my dear! I <3 China Glaze polishes toooooo... one of my fave brands =D

Jello Kitty said...

@Lindsey R - It does look a little crazy huh? ^_^ Quite the crazy funky french if you ask me... but I like a little crazy =P

nail loopy said...

wooow, that looks amazing, I have 2nite and would try this mani but I suck as using tape so I'll just sit back and admire yours ; )

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