Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to Konad: CQ Slate + China Glaze Cherish

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Happy Friday everyone! I haven't done any Konading in a long long time so I figure I should break out with it again. My skills were rusty so it honestly was a little difficult to get back into the stamping groove =). Anyway, here are the results. I used another CQ polish today called Slate for my base color. Slate is a dark teal that leans green and was opaque in 2 easy coats. I am really loving all these CQ polishes! They are absolutely affordable as well so if you have access to them, I highly urge you to get some =). My stamping of course was done by my favorite go to green - China Glaze Cherish! I always seem to use this color when I stamp with greens hahah. Excuse me for the bad stamping job, as you can tell I need to be stamping more to get this right! >_<

All you have to do is squint and it'll look alright! =P

Left: indoors, Middle: shade, Right: sunlight

It kinda reminds me of peacock feathers in a way hahah. The image plate I used was from the second Bundle Monster pack and it was number BM212. I should probably head back into the Konading world so I could brush up on my skills again =P. Alrighty everyone, hope your week has been going well. Until next time, thanks for reading and have a good one!


Naz said...

This is so pretty! I've been on a huge teal kick lately, and I love peacocks, so I'm pretty much in love with this mani, lol. Your manis make me want to order a Konad or Bundle Monster set!

Nadia said...

I liked the Peacock stamping, bundle monster plates have so many patterns, seems that China Glaze romantique collection have some nice polishes that can be stamped.

Jello Kitty said...

@Naz - Aww, thank you so much. I'm glad this mani brought SOMEONE happiness (as much of a mess that I made) lol!

@Nadia - Yeah, the Bundle Monster packs are pretty awesome =D. And yes! Romantique Collection if *perfect* for stamping. I don't even have any of the actual Konad polishes lol. I am tempted to buy some though...

gnoma said...

Awwww new bundle monster image plates... One day you'll be mine,sweeties! <3

Jello Kitty said...

@gnoma - Yes, you should get them! =)... They're much better than the first set (so I've heard).

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